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Professional Sales Coaching

Did you know that according to research by the Sales Leadership Council, Sales Coaching is by far the most effective productivity investment for improving sales rep performance? Moreover, the International Coach Federation has estimated that a typical sales organization can routinely expect a sevenfold return on its sales coaching investment! Regardless of whether you’re a fortune 500 company, a small professional service, an entrepreneurial start-up, or anything in between, only an effective Sales Coach can empower your team with the tools, techniques and momentum it needs to routinely outperform goals, surpass quotas and recognize new possibilities. Shape Up Sales IS that coach! In addition to an intense focus on the improvement of communication and presentation skills, we’ll boost your team’s performance metrics by introducing them to cutting edge methodologies that will optimize their individual strengths, skills and talents.

The fact is, successful selling takes much more than just identifying your target market and crafting effective aids and materials. You must also be able to recognize hidden opportunities, and leverage the resources and talents already available to you in order to cultivate prospects, dependably grow your pipeline and consistently close deals. At Shape Up Sales, we know how to do that, and we can give YOU the know-how and confidence to do it as well. There’s no obligation, and initial consultation is free, so contact us NOW to get started right away!

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get more info RIGHT NOW!
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